Sunday, April 03, 2011

Nature or Nurture

That's a topic that's been studied and published by many experts.  I remember thinking as a new parent that "nurture" was the main ingredient and would determine how my children would "turn out".  I was partly right and obviously more than partly wrong.

One of my kids made it clear within a few weeks of birth that cuddling was not something preferred and by 18 months old it was clear that an ordered world was an absolute necessity!  My other child was ok with cuddling but disorder was going to be part of every surrounding. 

I now have the benefit of four grandchildren to observe in addition to my own two children and it's clear to me that nature has a huge influence on their personalities, interests, and temperments, but it's the nurture we provide that helps them direct their choices and self control.  Each one of them has specific areas where they have to work harder than everyone else and at the same time, each one has areas that naturally come easier.

Parenting is hard work!!  I am very proud of my kids and their spouses for the the work they do to raise my grandchildren.  It is very challenging work!

Both of my kids were high energy kids and they are high energy adults.  I am fascinated by the characteristics of my own children that I can now see in my grandchildren.  I look forward to the phases that will come as they grow up.

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Jennifer said...

That nature and nurture sure did turn out a fantastic daddy for Bennett and Jasper, and I so enjoy seeing the similar traits they've inherited from Michael. You did a good job with your kiddos, Nanna, and now they are passing that legacy on to their own kids! I agree - it's an amazing thing to watch!